History of the Clinic

In a mission to find the quickest, painless and most affordable type of treatment for his patients, Dr. Ramirez decided that combining his experience as a medic with a more holistic approach was the answer. His strong belief that finding the root cause of the issue was the solution to his patients’ conditions made him develop a ground-breaking treatment using a combination of western and eastern medicine.

And so, in 2000 Dr. Ramirez opened the first branch of Chiren Therapy Centre (CTC) in Ogonnelloe, Co. Clare and started practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ireland since then. In 2012 Chiren relocated to the milk market in Limerick for a couple of years before arriving at its current location in Roselawn business centre.

The new CTC offers much more spacious facilities with five bright and comfortable treatment rooms, a sauna and shower amenities. Each room is designed to allow the patients to relax in a clean and calm environment while enjoying their treatment. Relaxing ambience music and diming lights contribute for a soothing atmosphere, permitting our patients to enter into a complete mindfulness state.

The use of modern technology is also a feature that Dr. Ramirez has introduced amongst practitioners in Ireland. In 2007, AcuGraph® Digital Meridian Imaging™ system has been implemented in Chiren’s treatment, using the latest technology to complement the effect of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

The technology at CTC has evolved over the years leading to the final product being TSR therapy. This includes a newly designed TSR probe, TSR AI software for diagnostic and treatment recommendations but, most importantly, Dr. Ramirez has developed a new diagnostic concept which combines the world of medicine into one.

All these features are unique to CTC and the results of the treatment are radical. This is a testament to the years of work invested in the development of TSR therapy. Soon the goal is to expand the reach of TSR therapy to be able to help as many people as possible, not just in Ireland but across the world.

Our future endeavours are to treat, educate and empower people who are debilitated by illness and give them their lives back.


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