The home of Trauma Stress Relief (TSR)

The home of Trauma Stress Relief (TSR)

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Trauma Stress can be responsible for:

  •   Musculoskeletal pain
  •   CLBP – Chronic Lower Back Pain
  •   CWP – Chronic Widespread Pain
  •   Fibromyalgia
  •   Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  •   Sciatica
  •   Migraine
  •   Anxiety
  •   Depression
  •   Emotional distress
  •   Trauma – Stress related conditions
  •   PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •   MUS – Medically Unexplained Symptoms
  •   Paediatric treatment options available

My condition is not listed! No worries! Just make an enquiry using the message box below or call us to find out if TSR therapy can help you as well

The 3 goals of TSR Therapy



Are you looking for relief from the condition controlling your life?

Over 4,000 Chiren patients have already experienced the benefits of this ground-breaking medical phenomenon.

It is non-invasive, drug free, has no side effects and will not interfere with the efficiency of any other medication. TSR therapy is consistently providing rapid relief from symptoms regardless of your initial condition’s severity.

It is extremely common for patients to approach us after many frustrating years unsuccessfully trying to identify the root cause of their ailments. Spending a lot of money on medication and tests which provide little to no improvements or answers.

Many patients say: “you are my last resort” and as much as it sinks our hearts to hear it, we have confidence that TSR can welcome the challenge and deliver were others have failed.

Descriptive words such as: “clear”, “relaxed” and “pain is gone” are continuously heard here at Chiren therapy centre.


Do you seek to finally understand the root cause of your symptoms?

We understand that pain is not always physical, pain does not discriminate between age, gender or occupation and pain is not always manageable solely by conventional medication. It can take over your ability to function daily. It creates a massive strain on you and your loved ones which impedes you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

Relief is not enough! Gaining an in depth understanding of your condition is the key to long lasting recovery. Our pioneering software analyses your condition using a completely innovative approach. Here mind-body medicine meets science. TSR uses a revolutionary mathematical algorithm to quantify mind-body imbalances which can have a direct influence in the creation and severity of symptoms.


I am feeling better, I am more capable of managing my condition but will this last?

Understandably this is a major concern for anyone undergoing any medical treatment. We have found that treatment and education is very often not enough, therefore Dr. Ramirez and the whole team at Chiren are here to provide the best aftercare possible for every single one of our patients. Every person is different, every visit teaches us more about you and in turn we both develop a deeper understanding of your condition.

Your progress is monitored and you will receive guidance all along the way to help ensure you stay on the right track to recovery. If you have felt like your symptoms are not being heard or like no matter what you do you cannot escape being debilitated by your condition. Then TSR therapy could provide you with the tools you have been missing and enable you to rest & repair. Start your journey today and look forward to the old you.

"Many of our patients have welcomed the fact that they can achieve results without having to open up and talk about their feelings over and over again" -Dr Ramirez


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